Tips &Tricks.

Snitches get stitches…

Which is what I’ll probably get when the sisters come for me.

This post is for my bobo’s (dudes) that hit and miss.

To save you the time & trouble, I’m gonna outline a few tips to know if a lady really isn’t feeling you so its easier to move “on to the next one” as they say…

Shall we get started gents?
Most importantly, you have to remember not every female out there is gonna be into you no matter how “perfect” you seem to be and regardless of how good your game is, you’re still gonna get some misses. Accept it.

If you look out for signs like this, it’d make the “toasting” process that much easier and faster.

Remember… “Time is money folks“.

Brothers, when you approach a lady, remember “we” are not objects. You rush in, you rush out.

Gone are the days when women were easily maneuvered and fall for sweet nothings. Most ladies now want you to put in the work if you want to be taken seriously.

Despite we claim we want down right honesty, no female wants to be told they are wanted mainly for their physical appearance which is probably the reason you approached her (initially) because despite the fact that it may be seen as flattery, everyone still wants to feel they’re worth more than their body parts… So be honest but be vague about it.

Mind games? Oooooh Yes!

But… Isn’t that what we all do now?

When you approach a lady when she’s with friends & you try to start up a conversation with just her and she gives you this look(s) 👇… Bruh, Retreat & Surrender… She’s not feeling you!

When you ask for her number and says she left her phone elsewhere… Bounce. She’d probably give you a fake number. Save time.
When you ask for her number and she says “its a new number, I don’t know it yet”… Adios amigo.😢
When you ask for her number and she says “let me have yours instead”… Keep it moving. She isn’t gonna call.💯
When you ask her to hang out and she keeps declining or postponing. Now this can be tricky; it could be that she’s an indoor person or she’s just not into you. The key is perseverance, observe through conversation to know what kind of person she is before jumping to conclusions. 🙅

When you ask for her number and she gives it to you too easily despite being unresponsive in the conversation. Chances are, she’s about to block the number after you call or she’s not gonna pick your call at all or maybe even give the phone to her man to answer.😂

Moral is, there may be someone for everyone but not everyone is your “someone“.

I admire the male perseverance though, I don’t think I have that sort of patience.

So Gents, with these few points of mine. I hope I have been able to convince you and not confuse you that while searching for “the one“, not every girl is going to fall for your charm and that’s okay. Keep searching.

More power to your elbow.✌



14 thoughts on “Tips &Tricks.

  1. Okay, an eye opener really. Ladies are just different specie and most rule dont apply to all.
    The same Lady that insults you today might fall in love with you tomorrow.
    So kings, keep your game tight and attitude clean, we deserve the best.
    Nice writeup!

    Liked by 1 person

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