New me, Who ‘Dis?

Every year we make resolutions.

New year, New me ish” but how many of us actually stick to it?
I know I don’t… Its unintentional though. Somewhere along the line, I drift off course and go about as I always do.
Now, I’m not saying that is the best way to go about life but life’s too short to live anything but your best life.

Do you honey! 
Change as they say is inevitable and growth usually comes alongside change.

I look forward to the days when people are judged not based off religion or ethnicity but based solely on the choices they make.

The choice to do good or evil.

The difference is in the choices we make.

Unconsciously, most people aim to be better versions of themselves. I doubt anyone puts down negatives choices while making resolutions, this is because we all want to be better and do better.
Sometimes those choices bring about a change in our outlook on life, in the circle we keep, how we choose to interact, who we choose to interact with.

Is this something we should feel guilty about? Absolutely not! Because whether you choose to acknowledge it or not, whenever you cut off someone or something from your life, it usually is for the greater good (most times).
So today, take charge of your emotions. I implore you to make better choices, its not selfish. Its prerogative. Liberate yourself from societal norms and live life to the fullest.
Remember, its… YOLO BABY…


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