Love is probably the most powerful force that exists. The Christian faith is based on love and trust in the invisible God. It’s believed that he (God) created all things (living and non living) and loved us even before we were born.


Trust comes into play with the fact that Christians choose to believe that he (God) provides, protects and cares for us.


A more relatable example is based on the love a mother has for her child/children. Traditionally, children born into this world came through a medium known as a “mother” (a woman that conceived the child), no one suddenly appeared on earth.


It’s been said that after God’s love, a mother’s love is the purest love. Some mothers are willing to give their lives if need be to protect and care for their children. Astounding right?

Love between a couple, family, friends, coworkers is what makes the environment conducive and aids peace and unity. I chose to believe that in a world of negativity, with enough love, bliss can be achieved. Love brings about happiness. Just knowing someone (even just one) loves you has a way of inflicting safety and indescribable joy on a person.


Love gives strength in times of weakness, it gives hope and heals unseen aches.


Love and only love is able to reach/mend the spirit, soul & body because it moves through you in an uncontrollable and powerful way that no matter how resistant one is, it proves possibilities are attainable.


The more you love, the more you grow…


Xoxo 💛


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