Oh! I didn’t realize how quickly time went by. Been working all summer…  They say when you love what you do, then you don’t feel the stress or notice the time go by. Every hustler in Lagos(Nigeria) knows the traffic alone makes working difficult. At times, the temptation to stay home could be compelling but living in a city that’s so alive can distract one’s lounging.
        Honestly, getting up at 4.am is the least exciting thing i ever thought i’d be doing yet i keep getting up before the alarm goes off. Why do i catch myself unconsciously planning my outfit for the next day? What is it that drives me? Am i a workaholic? Is it because i love what i do? Perhaps its discipline.
       I’d admit its exciting to meet people of different age groups, physical & mental attributes daily, its a constant learning process. Personally, these interactions are much more than just business transactions, they are vital learning experiences. Coworkers also play a huge role, because, knowingly or not they contribute by reducing the workload and in tasks i fall short, they come through. You can say in a way the workplace is like a family unit with each member carrying his/her own weight for the benefit of the organisation.
         Its not a bed of roses everyday but when its all said and done, there’s no place i’d rather be. One may wonder what it is i do. What does it matter? Anyone can be happy doing just about anything you set your mind on, all it takes is tenacity, team work and heart.
Food for thought: The rich man is one whose mind is open to ideas on how to meet people’s needs.

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