You receive as you give.

It’s an understandable principle, if you give, you’d receive. Unfortunately, some have become accustomed to constantly receiving and no longer see the relevance of giving back as much.

I’d point out that no one is obliged to always give or share if he or she doesn’t want to. That’s the beauty of liberty.

          Don’t take my word for it, try it out. When you give, it surely comes back to you one way or the other. Maybe not the way you expect it to or when you want it to.

            When a person becomes selfish, it’s normal (simple human nature) for others to withdraw from such a person.

            Farmers are familiar with the concept of sowing & reaping. They know if they sow good seeds, the better the harvest they’d reap. Same principle applies to humans in all sorts of relationships, even to strangers because everyone deserves to receive aid when needed.

            Generally speaking, sharing is not just related to the physical. You can share ideas, issues and so on…

When down, talking to someone about what’s bothering you helps provide a solution and releases the tension that’s building up because you’d then be able to reason more calmly on how to resolve the issue at hand, even at times when it seems there is no solution at first, having a helping hand and someone console you brings comfort which is always helpful. Ever heard the saying “a problem shared is half solved?” 

              For students, sharing wisdom does not cut back on your intelligence. Explaining when asked by a classmate aids your remembrance so basically it’s a “win-win” situation. All you have to do is sacrifice a little time. Starting to get the picture?

                Basically, when you share with others you also benefit. Look at it this way, if everyone in your neighborhood shared freely and you happen to be in need, there’d be no need for panic knowing you’d have enough assistance & a possible solution. Can you now imagine the peace & joy you’d feel?

Now picture the whole world that way! How amazing would life be? What do you see? A world that’s way too beautiful and serene I’d say.

It all starts with you my dear.

Share a little and receive for a lifetime.

Xoxo ❤


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