Politics of Religion.

Faith, Fate…  Practically they sound the same and their individual meanings are close enough in reference.
Fortunately, people of different ethnicity and religions can acknowledge the fact that there is a supreme being overseeing the universe and human activities which is often referred to as “The Almighty“.
Christians call him “God” and the son “Jesus Christ” who is believed to have come to earth to die for the remission of sins.
Muslims refer to the supreme being as “Allah” and the prophet “Mohammed“.
Although there are other religions in existence such as Buddhism, etc… but for the sake of the discussion at hand, emphasis is made on Christianity & Islam.
If one thinks long&hard enough, it would be discovered that the disagreement in ethnicity and misunderstandings boils down to religious believes and lifestyles. Nevertheless, peace and unity is procurable.
Research and it would become evident that the goals of  “the supreme being” was/is to promote faith, love & unity. Human mentality is partly to be blamed for the perplexity that plagues our judgement.
When we take out time to decipher situations, acts and choices made by another, it can be understood and eventually leading to lesser conflicts.  No human is immune to mistakes, we weren’t created to be perfect and that’s our saving grace. You can’t receive peace without compromise and compassion. In most cases, you get what you put in Let us promote peace by encouraging forgiveness and by placing ourselves in someone else’s shoes.
CHANGE.  Simple word, massive effect (mostly). Over the years, religion has evolved which caused a separation of the people into niches & cliques.
Fellows of the same religion and culture refer to one another as a brother and a sister but why can’t we all be one?
Realistically speaking, since we all hail from the “Almighty“, that makes us one (a family) regardless of religion, culture and beliefs. Humanity is a unit despite its been denied acknowledgement. It should be frowned upon when one is favored or disregarded due to religious differences.
Different skin colours, spiritual and physical alterations shouldn’t matter so long as we all have specific similarities, we are all basically the same.
Each person is unique which is the amazing fact. There is beauty in diversity.
We are not immortals, it is not our prerogative to decide who and what is right or wrong. Our sole choices as humans is the capability to choose between good and evil.
Religion wasn’t made so we can pick sides, it is not a democratic alliance although we are at liberty to choose our faiths.
So long as one is incapable of giving life, we don’t get to instruct another on how to live out theirs.
Some have tried to phantom the origin of the sovereign figure and have come up empty.
It can be psychologically, spiritually & emotionally traumatizing to understand the origin of the supreme being so it is best to truly believe in who and what you decide to serve.
Obviously, a purpose of humans on earth is to be unified. Let us make room for peace by loving one another as we love ourselves and stop fantasizing about perfection that is unattainable to humans.
We live, We love, We learn, We grow, We unite.  WE ALL MATTER.
FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Focus on the good and neglect negativity.
Xoxo 💞💞💞💞

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