Perhaps you’ve realized that opportunities don’t come around often but for the optimistic person that is stubborn about his or her goals & wishes to be successful, giving up is never an option.

Opportunities may come and go depending on how they are utilized. For example a person has an idea of a certain way to become successful and improve his or her life but may get discouraged due to the circumstances surrounding him or her then neglect it.

        The mind is a powerful tool that cannot be purchased so we must learn to appreciate and fully utilize it.

Conceiving an idea alone is an opportunity to be better but it’s been observed that FEAR may be a motivating factor to maximize opportunities and can also be a disapproving factor in the utilization of opportunities.

         Imagine it this way, a young man with low income has an idea of something unique to invent but decides to neglect it due to pessimism & fear then decides to disregard the idea before attempting to pursue it.

              The mind can be tricky and although ideas are conceived freely (sometimes without attempt) some say from God, others relate it to science or nature, what is certain is that we don’t have to pay to imagine or think before one is able to picture an idea.

My suggestion is that when ideas or innovations come to you, please do not disregard it. You may not be the only person that has such thoughts but everyone has different unique ways of executing ideas.

              Honestly, chasing dreams and trying to attain success can be difficult at times (nothing good comes easy) but the feeling of overcoming challenges makes it all the more beautiful and it’s always worth it if one can stick to the plan, success is attainable.

             Personally, my definition of success isn’t by how much i have in my bank account or by how many material things i own (don’t get me wrong, material things are nice and can be considered a measure of success by some) but being able to wake up today knowing I am/was able to achieve what I considered impossible yesterday has a way of inspiring the outcome of tomorrow.

Daily, I consider myself a success because humans deliberately or otherwise grow daily. I’d give a relatable example, it’s like someone who’s learning to cook. It’d be observed at the first try that the result wouldn’t be as good as the next. Everything in life is a process.

There’d be gradual growth until one becomes good enough (maybe even professionally) if one is dedicated to learning. Give yourself time, learn to be patient through the process and understand you might not always get it right but with willpower, nothing is unattainable.

Food for thought: Be optimistic, be tenacious and be successful.

Xoxo 💙


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