Moment of gratitude.

   Its human nature to want things and situations that may not be the best for us. Its inevitable. True content and gratitude doesn’t come from having all you want but by being satisfied with having all you need.

We go through phases sometimes that may seem unending and too difficult to bear but it is an unnecessary act to weigh our problems, because it doesn’t change the issue at hand and it cannot be genuinely weighed.

It is better to count our blessings because in as much as we may not have all that we want, we cannot deny that we do have all that we need.

A child falls severally while trying to walk, eventually he or she masters the act and passes that stage and grows till he or she can run.

So also is life, just because the junctures we experience seem too difficult to overcome at the time, we must remember that it is just a chapter of our life’s book.

Do not stop trying because you fell or failed at something. You must rise again and eventually outgrow that fear and plight.

In all seasons, GIVE THANKS. Be hopeful. The bitter truth is that life could be worse, so instead of sulking, why not spend that time thinking of comeback, pray for strength to get through that facet.

Personally it’s been an amazing year… So far, I’m grateful for the good because life is too short to be anything but happy and life is to be enjoyed. I’m grateful for the bad because it showed me my strength, tenacity and discipline.

In every situation, do all things with great love. Aspire for more and always remember phases only last for a while. Be optimistic. Be cheerful, be grateful…

Now I know why they say the best things are free.



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