Driving without brakes.

 Unfortunately accidents happen and sometimes the cause is determined to be a fault in the brakes.
I’d like to imagine that when victims realize the brakes are failing but continue driving may be hoping that either its gonna be a crash or miraculously an accident may be avoided which would produce a testimony.
Often times than not the former is the end result.
The phrase “driving without breaks” can be understood as to mean being in a situation that’s clearly failing, dangerous, unhealthy and so on… yet we keep on the track hoping for a positive change while expecting the worst.
A relatable example is student that has an exam the following day but doesn’t prepare instead hopes to pass, a person that smokes and knows its bad for his or her health but continues anyway because it feels good at the moment, someone who is in a toxic relationship but carries on hoping things would change.
As inevitable as change is, it doesn’t necessarily make things better. Sometimes it just gets worse.
Gambling on such prospects can be dangerous and heart wrenching because humans are not omniscient. Nevertheless, instincts and conscience warn us beforehand even if we choose to carry on neglecting the consequences.
Certain situations cannot be prevented but the outcome can be compromised if we make the right decisions swiftly. Although its never too late to make the necessary changes, it is best when its done sooner.
 We can not keep running to the fire when there’s nothing left to save.


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