Don’t Give Up!

        You may have heard or been through certain experiences that made you realize there was a Blessing in Disguise underneath it all.

      Blessings are some kind of divine or supernatural aid or reward (good fortune) and Disguise is the appearance of something on the outside which masks what’s beneath.

        In the long run, when one recalls past or recent events that took place it becomes clear they may have been blessings in disguise although it was unrecognizable at the time. For example, a writer struggling to get his work published to no avail begins to contemplate a change in career runs into a colleague and is reminded of his love and passion for acting or movies then decides to write a movie script and gets a break. Don’t misunderstand, life may not reward one as swiftly as illustrated above but with hard work and dedication you’d eventually get back what you deserve.

        Sometimes, we perceive certain ideas on how we want our lives shaped but that may not necessarily be the path most beneficial to our purpose in life. I believe there is a higher power that predestined everyone for specific purposes so when we tend to go off course, we may be led back to where we ought to be.

        There are those that believe in human nature or science but it’s recognized that life has a way of shaping people’s paths. The fact still remains & we can all agree that there’s truly no way blessings in disguise can be controlled, programmed and purchased.

Food for thought: Great men fall once and rise up seven times stronger.

Xoxo 💑


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