Saturday vibes…

How would you rather spend your Saturday?

So its the weekend and you have plans to either rest or go out and have a lit day/night or maybe you’re still recovering from a hangover (its okay, no judgement here)…

But I’d rather spend my Saturdays in bed on a rainy day… (Weather for two type of thing)

Or attend a party, preferably a wedding. But recently, I have had the worst luck at weddings meaning I attend the weddings with the intention to slay and eat till I can’t move.

Unfortunately, that hasn’t been the case. I’ve attended several weddings since late last year where i find myself at an eatery afterwards.

My worry now is… Am I overdoing the “slayage” and they assumed I don’t need the food or could it be the company I’m with?

This particular Saturday is none of the above listed. Here I am writing and hoping you like this piece or maybe I’d hit the hay.

Have a lit Saturday FAM.







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