Often times, we get so engrossed in our definition of how things “should be”, how people ought to act and live their lives forgetting that we are not totally in control of ours.
       What went so wrong that the price of love became so high? How then do we pay? …why should we pay?
     Christian religious history connotes that a “supreme being” paid for every other life with his to make it possible for others to love one another. Admirable indeed. Nevertheless, as humans we were never asked to pay such a high price… Until now indirectly because when society decides how you should live your life then is it still yours?
    People are judged based on the fact that they sin differently from others. When and why has love become such a burden?
   Unconditionally love is blessing which was mostly expected from parents especially mothers but now we see some fathers disregarding kids because they haven’t been able to live up to certain expectations, some mothers indifferent in search of greener pastures. When and how have we made out love to be this corrupt? It’s contagious! What do we then tell and teach the younger generation?
      We were not made out to be perfect so why expect perfection from humans?
Anxiety&distress… Oh the pressure. The pressure to do the right thing (according to someone else’s standards). It ought not to be this way. We have to imbibe a culture which allows room for mistakes because without failure, there cannot be growth. We don’t just live to exist.      Unity,true love,real growth can be found in the little things we do for one another.
Showing someone you care, helping out in need,encouraging and not deciding the ideal lifestyle based on your truth because hey… No one made “us” the judge of that. All we can do and all we should do is love one another.
Osaiyuwu Omosede Thelma.

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