Below is another movie script I wrote a while ago… Enjoy!!! 

Folake: Oh I’m sorry i stepped on you. I didn’t see you
Chinwe: Ah its fine. Me sef I’m a bit clumsy but wait o, sisi you look familiar
Folake: Really?
Chinwe: Ehehn I remember now. Are you not folake from our daily bread secondary school?
Folake: Yes. I am. Did you also attend that school?
Chinwe: Ofcourse. You won’t remember me. We were set mates. I was in art class and you were in science. I remembered you because you helped me one time like that.
Folake: Oh I’m so sorry i don’t quite remember you.
Chinwe: Its fine. The one that does good deeds usually doesn’t remember, its who it was done to that does. One time in secondary school you went to the hostel and brought a spare uniform for me when I got stained.
Folake: Oh now I remember. Wow you look so different now.
Chinwe: And you got finer
Folake: (nervous laugh)
Chinwe: Is everything OK? You seem a bit stiff abi you’re not used to people calling you “fine geh” by now. You were the prettiest girl in our set na.
Folake: (laughs) Funny girl, I remember. Thank you
Chinwe: I’m in a hurry but here’s my card. Pls call me
(Hands over card to folake)
Folake: No Wahala. I’ll call you. Wait o. You’re a lawyer now?
Chinwe: Yes o. We thank God. What do you do now?
Folake: I don’t really work
Chinwe: I’m sorry I don’t understand. You are beauty and brains abi you’re a housewife now?
Folake: (laughs). No I’m not married yet. I just haven’t found a job I like.
Chinwe: In this economy, you’re selecting job? Aunty I like your style o
Folake: (laughs)
Chinwe: Well it was great running into you. I have to get to a meeting.
(Chinwe proceeds to hug folake)
Folake: Ouch (looks away uncomfortably)
Chinwe: Oh I’m sorry, did I hurt you or grip you too tightly?
Folake: um… No. I … I .. Uh …had a bad fall recently so my body is still sore
Chinwe: Eyah sorry o. Take better care next time. Protect your fine face
Folake: (smiles). Sure. Take care
Chinwe: Bye..
Folake: Baby I’m home
Rotimi: What took you so long? You went to see your other boyfriend abi?
Folake: No na. You sef calm down. I just ran into an old friend
Rotimi: What friend? Since when do you have friends I don’t know about? Was it a man?
Folake: No o. Just a girl from secondary school
Rotimi: It better be.
Folake: This your blood too hot o
Rotimi: What did you just say? You have mouth to talk back abi?
(Raises his hand to hit her)
Folake: Nothing o. I said nothing. Please I’m sorry
Rotimi: You for talk make I sound you one. My friend… I’m hungry. Enter kitchen!
Rotimi: Who’s the most beautiful girl in the world? Oya smile na. Sorry. Na play I be dey that time.
Folake: But you promised you wont hit me again. I’m still sore from the beating you gave me last time
Rotimi: I’m sorry. I promise I won’t beat you again. Was just tryna teach you respect earlier. You know I’m stressed, as the man of the house its not easy for me
Folake: I know. That’s why I want to work. I couldn’t graduate because i got pregnant for you and my father kicked me out. Even after losing the baby you still won’t allow me go back to school or learn a trade
 Rotimi: Again with this? You know I hate it when you nag. I didn’t allow you go back to school because you got pregnant again
Folake: And I lost that too…. Yet till now even after several miscarriages and abortions you won’t let me leave the house
Rotimi: You are ungrateful! Did I rape you when you got pregnant and your dad disowned you? No! Instead I took you in. Went to school and graduated for both of us. Made you the madam of this house and my life when I started working. You’ve been enjoying all my money with no effort yet you’re complaining. See ehn. Folake do not annoy me! I own you now! You are not working or going back to school so you can get pregnant for another man and leave me! No! You will do as I say
Folake: Rotimi mi… Baby please. OK at least let me do per time or open a boutique. Just something to feel useful
Rotimi: If you want to feel useful, try getting pregnant again and this time keep it. Being a mother should keep you busy enough.
Folake: With all the miscarriages and abortions, how is it my fault the child won’t stay?
Rotimi: Its like you swallowed the heart of a lion? You now have mind to talk back abi? I will do you strong thing. If I hear you say peem again, na slap o …folake try me.
Folake: Rotimi abeg
(Gives her 3 slaps)
Folake: Jesus!
Rotimi: Quiet. Let me not hear your voice. You want the tafia neighbour to come here again? Ehn?
Folake: No sir. Please don’t slap me again. I won’t work or go to school. I’m sorry
Rotimi: Better. Sorry oya come
(Goes quietly to him while sobbing)
Rotimi: I’m sorry, you know I love you. I just get jealous that you’d leave with another man. This is for your own good. I want us to start a family and be happy. I really don’t like hitting you o. Its just that you provoke me. Shey I’ve been there for you even when your family hasn’t. All I do is for you.
Folake: I know. (Sobs)
Rotimi: kiss me
She kisses him…
Folake: Hello, please am I speaking to chinwe?
Chinwe: Yes this is she
Folake: Its folake. We met at the market the other day
Chinwe: Ah folake na wa o. Since. I’ve been waiting for your call
Folake: I’m so sorry I’ve been busy
Chinwe: No Wahala. How are you?
Folake: Shey you’re a lawyer?
Chinwe: Yes
Folake: A friend of mine needs help. She’s experiencing domestic violence
Chinwe: Tell your friend to walk away from that situation as soon as possible and file for divorce
Folake: She’s not married
Chinwe: Which makes it easier. If she needs a lawyer, i can help. I’d do it for free sef cos I hate cowardly men
Folake: Its not that easy
Chinwe: I’m not understanding. Did they tie her there?
Folake:She loves him and he loves her, just that he has temper
Chinwe: (laughs). Folake are you the friend?
Folake: No o. I’m just telling you as she told me
Chinwe: If you say so, but the truth is however difficult she just has to gather courage and leave else she may die in the hands of the man she’s with. She should learn to value herself more. As you see me so, my papa or mama no beat me one day so even shout I cannot bear o all in the name of love and relationship.
Folake: What if she’s not as strong as you?
Chinwe: My dear none of us are born strong. Strength takes time, it needs to be built. First you have to tell yourself what you deserve then go for it because no one will give you anything in life especially respect. You must earn it.
Folake: Thank you. I’ll tell her
Chinwe: Please do. You sef take it incase you need free advise.
Folake: Thank you. Take Care
Rotimi: Fola… Folake mi…
Folake: Yes baby
Rotimi: I have a surprise for you
Folake: Oh really
Rotimi: Take this ring. I am going to marry you. You’re engaged now to me.
Folake: Ah rotimi mi, just like that?  No question or going down on one knee?
Rotimi: Why are you this ungrateful? Do you know how many of your mates are in Shiloh yearly praying for husband and here I am telling you I’d marry you knowing that you have no family yet you’re saying no!
Folake: You’re right. I’m sorry. Its just that this is not how they do it in the movies
Rotimi: My dear this is real life, take the husband as you see am
Folake: Thank you my husband to be. Its a nice ring.
3 years later….
Rotimi: Why didn’t you warm the soup? This is what I always tell you. How can you serve your husband to be soup that is cold?
Folake: I couldn’t warm it on time. You came home unexpectedly
Rotimi: You spend all your time watching TV. School u no go, work u no work yet you want make I marry you. What is your value to me?
Folake: And who’s fault is that? You’ve kept me locked up in this house for years, tied me down with this ring
Rotimi: Ehn folake. Are you talking back?
Folake: Yes! What is it sef? Kuku kill me. I’m already useless
Rotimi: (starts beating her) Its good you know you’re useless so now you’d thank me for still wanting to marry you. Go clean yourself up. You’re a mess.
Folake: Hello Chinwe
Chinwe: Jesus christ! Folake! Its been ages. Never heard from you again after your first call. Did you jand?
Folake: (laughs). No o. I’ve been busy
Chinwe: This your busy is on another level o. Didn’t get a chance to invite you to my wedding
Folake: Congratulations. Chinwe I really need your help
Chinwe: I’m listening
Folake: Remember the friend i called to tell you about years ago that was being domestically violated? Well… there was no friend. It was me. It is me.
Chinwe: I knew it. Haba folake why didn’t you speak up since? I could have helped you. I still can.
Folake: How? Pls I need help. I’m fed up of this!
(Folake goes on to narrate the entire story to chinwe)
Chinwe: You like suffer o. Like i told you before, you are not married to this monster and you do not have children for him. Folake waka commot.
Folake: I can’t. I love him. He loves me too in his own way. He’s the only one that has been there for me all these years. I doubt I can have children. I’m no longer beautiful or smart or attractive. I’m old now. Who would take me? He has ruined me? No one wants to buy damaged goods.
Chinwe: I don’t think you’re ready to let go. Please call me back when you know what you want. I don’t even know how to begin to help you. Are you trying to convince me or yourself that you ought to remain in that bondage? Anything is better than the hell you’re living in. First come out first before you start to think of the next ship to enter. You don’t need a man to validate you honey, you’re good all by yourself but if later on you decide you do need one. I’m sure you’d find. But first, you have alot of growing to do. You need to build yourself up to the point men will beg you for dates not this mumu you’re doing. I remember how kind and confident you were in school. That girl can still come back and I’m sure your family will accept you back. He knows it that’s why he’s been locking you up all these years because he’s afraid. He’s a small weak man. You deserve better my dear. You have nothing to lose but everything to gain. Biko folake ëjò walk away.
Folake: Thank you Chinwe. I will think about it
Chinwe: No Wahala . if you need a friend or a lawyer. I’m here for both and for free too
Folake: Thank you
Folake: After 3 years, isn’t it time we set a wedding date?
Rotimi: How can we set a wedding date when I can’t pay bride price? You don’t have family na
Folake: If you thought so then why engage me in the first place?
Rotimi: Because I love you and because you’re mine!
Folake: Have u even gone to my family?You won’t allow me go to them. They probably think I’m dead!
Rotimi: Gola please. I’m trying to watch football. Do not irritate me further!
Folake: And If I do?
Rotimi: No be small thing o. Folake of yesterday opening mouth to talk back. So fola you’re talking when I’m talking?
Folake: I’ve had enough Rotimi! This relationship is not heading anywhere. I’m leaving you!!!
Rotimi: (laughs). To where? And who will accept used property like you? My friend… you better go and sleep inside!
Folake: Watch me!
(Blocks her and pulls out his belt)
Rotimi: I said you’re not going anywhere, pass this line and you’d meet your maker this night!
Folake: Ah rotimi you want to kill me?Laye o. Enough is enough
(Rotimi starts to beat up folake)
(Folake runs into the room and picks up a cane and a knife)
(Rotimi enters, sees it and is unpleasantly surprised)
Folake: Oya na. Beat me! Shey you can fight? Let me see you touch me. Idiot!
Rotimi: Don’t be stupid. Put the knife down. Fola you wan wipe me with cain? (Laughs) See this girl o. I go blaze you this night. Drop the knife first
Folake: Weak man. You cannot fight your mate. Its my body you have power!
(Folake proceeds to flog rotimi… Mercilessly)
Rotimi: Ah ye..  Jesu! You’re a witch. I always knew it. Demon!
(Eventually Rotimi overpowers folake. She loses grip on the knife. They both start struggling to reach it and folake gets to it first then stabs Rotimi in the chest)
Rotimi: ah… ah… ah… folake… you’ve killed me…
(Folake is shivering with fear and panic)
Folake: Jesus o, I didn’t mean to kill him. Omg what am I going to do
(Folake flees…)
(A few weeks later. The police is searching for folake).
Folake: Hello chinwe, its me Folake
Chinwe: This girl… where have you been? You’re all over the news and blogs.
Folake: I killed Rotimi. I had to run.
Chinwe: Ah I said to walk away not kill him!
(Folake narrates all that happened to chinwe)
Chinwe: But folake… that is not murder, its self defence. You hiding now makes it seem like murder. But not to worry, like I said I’d help you.
(Chinwe gives folake her address)
Chinwe: Have you settled in?
Folake: Yes thank you
Chinwe: Good. Now we can both go file a report at the police station. Time to do the right thing. Not to worry you won’t be spending your life in jail. I’ll make sure of it.
Folake: Thank you so much Chinwe. I’m scared but whatever happens, i’ll take it. Unfortunately toxic relationships like this always end in either one walking away or dying. I didn’t gather the strength in time to walk away but it was either him or me and I chose me… I’m ready to take on life. I am optimistic though.
Chinwe: That’s all I needed to hear. All you can ask for is a better today than yesterday.
Folake: Yes one day at a time…
Osaiyuwu Omosede Thelma.

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