True story…

Once upon a time…

There was a little girl with big dreams and a brain way too mature for her age at the time who thought she wanted to become a banker initially, then a doctor later on in life (despite being afraid of blood) but as faith (or jamb… for my Nigerian peeps) would have it, she got admission into the university to study “chemistry ” … Which was great! I suppose.

But then, there are two oddly powerful forces called passion and talent.

At this point in the story you already know the little girl is me, right? (Not so little anymore although i’ve been told I look 16)

Moving forward. Here we are… Thankfully with knowledge from chemistry and wisdom from life’s experiences, passion and genuine appreciation for art&beauty but most importantly…  Life!

I’d say it turned out pretty great… so far,so good!!!

What I’m trying to say is, wherever you find yourself in life is a learning experience. There is a certain growth and strength you develop from not having it all figured out all at once.

We live to learn everyday…

So live, enjoy the moment and hey… like my Buddy, Drake (I wish) said… YOLO BABY!!!  

Until the next post… Xoxo




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