Placeholder ImageBelow is a movie script i wrote a while back on kids with down syndrome. I pray you find the patience to read through and enjoy it. 

Lucas: What a hectic day
(Knock on door)
Lucas: Hold on. One minute
(Opens door)
Lucas: Is that a baby? Why is there a baby at my doorstep?
(Does a sketchy search of the area)
Lucas: (picks up note)
   “Loca baby… Heard you’ve been asking bout me at the club. Well, here’s a little piece of me&you. Our daughter. She has your eyes. I’m leaving town for a while, i’m not cut out for this. Xoxo Marisol.”
Lucas: No. This can’t be happening! She’s just gonna drop off her kid and disappear on me? No way man. No way!
Adrienne: Hey handsome… Want a lap dance?
Lucas: Perhaps some other time. I’m looking for Marisol. The blonde with the big eyes
Adrienne: No wonder you looked familiar. You’re her regular customer…  Haven’t seen much of you around here since she quit
Lucas: Quit? What do you mean she quit?
Adrienne: (rolls eyes) Like she used to work here before… but doesn’t anymore
Lucas: There’s no need to be sarcastic. Do you have her phone number or address?
Adrienne: Nope! She just kinda disappeared after she got fat.
Lucas: So she really was pregnant
Adrienne: I suppose so. Never confirmed it though. But hey… What’s in the basket?
Lucas: Her baby.
Adrienne: A baby?! Oh no Mr!… Kids aren’t allowed in here. You gotta leave!
Lucas: Fine. But here’s my card in case you hear from Marisol. Please contact me
(Hands over his card)
Adrienne: Sure. See you around.
Debbie: Fancy seeing you around here
Lucas: Hi debs
Debbie: What’s in the basket?
Lucas: Don’t freak out .. Okay?
Debbie: Okay
Lucas: Its a baby
Debbie: A BABY!!!!?
Debbie: Why is she in a basket? Come on… Quickly get her out of there.
(Lucas takes the baby out of the basket)
Debbie: Just go put her in the room and guard her with pillows
Minutes later…
Debbie: Explain to me just how my brother who i only get to see a few times in a year shows up at my house with a baby! Now! Lucas! 
Lucas: About that… I’m sorry I don’t come around often. Work takes up most of my time
Debbie: Quit stalling. You didn’t get this baby as a promotion gift, did you?!
Lucas: (sigh) Don’t freak out, okay? And you’re not allowed to judge me
Debbie: I’m already freaking out but I won’t judge you. Spill it
Lucas: I had a one night stand with one of the girls at the strip club. Got home and found the baby with this note
(Passes note to Debbie. She reads it quietly)
Debbie: (screaming!) You both are so irresponsible!Who gets a stripper pregnant Luke?! Any idiot with half a brain knows that’s a no-no!!!
Lucas: So much for not judging me!
Look I had one too many drinks and things got out of hand, okay? I never went back to the club after that and now this?… A baby?
Debbie: You need to get a paternity test!
Lucas: Yeah I will that’s why I came to you since you’re a doctor. Can you arrange that for me at the hospital asap?
Debbie: Sure. You can come in tomorrow morning and get it done.
Lucas: Thanks debz. One more favour
Debbie: WHAT?
Lucas: I know its a lot to ask but can you hold on to her for now while I sort myself out?
Debbie: You entitled coward! You’re planning to bail on her! Aren’t you? What if she’s yours?
Lucas: We don’t know that for sure!
Debbie: Yet…
Lucas: I have no idea what to do with a baby. You saw how I almost suffocated her. I don’t know the first thing about taking care of anyone!
Debbie: That’s because you’re selfish! Oh and I do? Don’t you forget I’ve been tryna have a baby for years and I’ve resigned myself to being barren and now you come up with this?!
Lucas: C’mon debz. Its good practice.
Debbie: You don’t practice with lives!
(Baby cries)
 I can’t deal with you right now. I’m gonna go check on the baby…
(Walks away)
Minutes later…
(Lucas walks into the room)
Debbie: (Sobbing)
Lucas: What’s wrong Debbie?
Debbie: (looking over at the baby) Luke… She’s different… 
Lucas: What do you mean different?
Debbie: She has special needs…
Lucas: You lost me
Debbie: It seems she has down syndrome.
(Lucas comes closer and stares)
Debbie: I just finally got the courage to look at a baby and I observed this. We’re gonna need to take her to the hospital and run tests on her then get the DNA done asap!
Lucas: Sure.
Debbie: I think I know now why your stripper left her. This baby is gonna need alot of love and attention which she probably doesn’t have to give but you can give this baby that Luke.
Lucas: Debz please. All I need is a few days to clear my head. I’ve got this conference to attend for 2 weeks starting tomorrow. Such bad timing. Can you keep her for now?
Debbie: I’d have to ask Gary
Lucas: I’m sure your husband will understand. He loves you too much to say no to you
Debbie: (Chuckle)
Fine I’ll keep her… but only till you get back
Lucas: (kisses cheek)
Thanks. I knew I could count on you…
Weeks later
(Knock on door)
Debbie: Come in
Lucas: Hey doc…
Debbie: Oh hi little brother. (Laughs)
Well you’re not so little now…
Lucas: What’s that’s supposed to mean?
Debbie: I have news!!!
Lucas: Do share .. Please
Debbie: How do you feel about being an uncle?
Lucas: Oh wow you’re pregnant. Congratulations sis
(Comes around to hug her)
Debbie: Thank you. Gary&i are over the moon. I felt ill, took the test randomly and it came out positive.
Lucas: Finally! That’s awesome. By the way how’s the baby?
Debbie: She’s great. Had a few health challenges this week which i didnt tell you about because I didn’t wanna worry you but she’s a champ.
Lucas: Can I see her?
Debbie: Sure. She’s in the nursery but I think you’re gonna have to baby proof your home first.
(Lucas looks confused)
Lucas: Huh?
Debbie: The DNA results came back positive. You are the baby’s father
Lucas: I…  I… I don’t know what to say or how to feel…
Debbie: That’s okay. Listen Lucas! You’ve always been the selfish entitled son and that has worked out perfectly for you till now but things have changed!
Lucas: I know
Debbie: I’m gonna give you two options. Option 1; you can put the baby up for adoption but I must warn you that as a child with special needs, it’s gonna be so much harder for her in this world. She’s gonna need a whole lot of love and support. She’s gonna need role models to draw strength from and courage to keep fighting. She’s already so strong from what I can tell. She never stops smiling even on the days she wasn’t well. And option two; you can keep her. Open up your heart to her, take care of her. I know its been hard for you to connect with anyone ever since mum died of cancer and dad left us but this is another chance for you.
Lucas:But why?
Debbie: Why what?
Lucas: Why does she have to have special needs? Its hard enough taking care of a normal child!
Debbie: I know this is a lot to deal with for you but regardless of her health condition, this is your child. You’re gonna have to man up and do the right thing for her. Kids with down syndrome are more common than you think and they can go on to live a normal life if they have the right support system. I can be a substitute mother for her and help you out a lot. My child will be like a sibling to her because this baby brought us good fortune. Gary’s there also to help out
Lucas: I thought about it all week, i’m gonna keep her. I’ve been so selfish for so long. This is my shot at having a real family.
Debbie: That’s good. I’m here to help and guide you through this.
Lucas: Thanks debz
(Lucas holding his baby)
Lucas: Hi pretty girl. Looking at you now, i see some of my traits. I’m your daddy. I’m gonna do my best to take care of you from now on. I won’t abandon you ever and we’d fight this together.
Gary: Hey Luke… decided on a name yet for this angel?
Lucas: Yeah! I’m gonna call her Amy… After my mother
Debbie: That’s perfect. Hi Amy! Tomorrow I’m gonna have you checked out at the hospItal then your daddy and i are gonna find out how best to raise you.
Lucas: Thank you both so much for all the help.
Debbie&Gary: You’re welcome
Lucas: And thank you my angel… You brought light back into my life. You gave my life meaning Amy..
Amy smiles… 
Osaiyuwu Omosede Thelma. 

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