Tales by rechargeable lamp.

Hello from the other side… Of the web!

My people make una come hear o…

Oops sorry, make una come READ O…
So, people have been asking me for their “easter gift“… I’m genuinely confused by this!
Na me die or resurrect? (Was I the one that died or resurrected?)
Someone said they are absolutely sure our Holy Lord & saviour Jesus Christ turned up with his disciples when he resurrected but it wasn’t recorded.
As laughable as that is, if your sense of humor is on ” fleek” as they say… You fit reason am (You may think about it).

Personally, I doubt this solely because they didn’t have turn up music in those days. I can’t imagine Simon Peter turning up to blues (R&B if you will).
With that being said. My people how una see am? (What do you think about that?) E dey possible (Is it possible?)?

PS: This post is in no way mocking the christian faith. As a christian aswell, i wouldn’t dare do that. This is simply for the a witty example of my thoughts and “out of the box thinkers“.
Until the next pose… Xoxo
Ó da gbó


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